Initiative Wins LTD. (IW)

A professional strategic consulting and crises management company. 

IW (2015) incorporates varied disciplines with a strategic emphasis on the realms of influence and perception. IW team main focus is the application of interpersonal interaction, coupled with information analyses, stemming from various resources (HUMINT / OSINT / SIGINT, etc.).

IW provides professional and immediate respond 24/7, in accordance with the client demand and services needed, while keeping full discretion as well as moral ethics.

Our Services

Crises Management

IW's team consists of a multidisciplinary team of experts in: psychology, criminology, profiling, negotiation, mediation and public relations, as well as copywriting and perception. The team deals with different business, commercial and political crises management and campaigns; and professionally guide executives during significant business or personal decisions and procedures.


The IW team includes experts with over 20 years of experience in creating social-psychological profiles; both for civil and security purposes. These social-psychological profiles provide an in-depth understanding of a person's motives, mind-sets and behaviour, as well as assessing the relevant risk.

Cyber Attacks and Ransomware

In case of cyber-attack and ransomware crises, IW team assists with providing the necessary negotiation skills as well as creating a detailed profile of the attacker, in order to reach the most effective resolution.

Social Research

IW experts utilize varied fields of culture, language and conduct. This capability allows for an understanding of threat factors and an effective response during real-time crises.

Influence and Perception

Forming an active and strategic communication system, perception and influence for business, commercial and political clients. IW team includes specialist from the fields of intelligence, politics, profiling, statistics and psychology of the masses, that better enrich capabilities of influence and perception of an audience.

Investigation / Intel Professionals

Using highly skilled investigation teams (veterans of Israeli security establishments), IW provides extensive intelligence reports. These reports include: surveillance, interrogations, open-source intelligence gathering and processing as well as assessment of the relevant risk.

IW Experts

Mr. Segev Sagi Giat

An expert in crisis management and influence, perception and tactical and operative consultancy.

Dr. Eran Shadach

A clinical psychologist, an expert in negotiation and individual/ group analysis.

Mr. Eyal Arad

One of Israel's top strategic consultants and leading campaign managers.

Dr. Sagit Yehoshua

An applied criminologist, criminal and terrorism expert; specializing in profiling and risk assessment.​

Mr. Yossi Levi

An international linguistic expert with a spectacular emphasis on Arab and Muslim culture.


A private investigator; specializing in interpersonal communication and credibility assessment.

Mr. Omer Pinsker

A cyber security expert with vast knowledge in DFIR and PT. Lead OP Innovate, a boutique company with more then 30 cyber specialists.